Spotify’s Billion-Dollar Shift: Royalty Changes for Artists

When the world’s streaming giant decides to shake things up, it’s bound to make waves in the music industry. Spotify is about to introduce significant changes to its royalty payout model, aimed at directing a whopping $1 billion towards what it deems “legitimate” artists and rightsholders over the next five years. If you’re curious about …

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More Tips For Promoting Your Song

Much of what we’ve discussed – building a website, getting song reviews on a blog, etc. – are useful tools in those preliminary stages of promoting your song, but when it comes to the actual release date and that stretch of days/weeks after the fact, what’s the proper course of action?

How To Promote Your Song

If you actually need assistance but refuse to look for it, there’s a good chance you’ll run yourself in circles trying to get something done until you sputter out entirely and the endeavor becomes futile. Promoting a song is no exception, so do yourself a favor and don’t make that mistake. You worked too hard not he track for it to fall on deaf ears.

Four Essential Features of an Effective Music Portfolio On Muze

For the sake of my point, we’ll move forward using the term “portfolio,” because really, your Muze profile is functionally your overall musical portfolio. We’ve talked some about EPK’s in the past (check out Gerard Longo’s piece on the subject here), and while they’re certainly important, a Muze portfolio is something you can do yourself, and it’s super simple.