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What Makes Muze So Special?

Sure, we’re not the only place online to find musicians. So why join the Muze community? We’re glad you asked…

The Algorithm

We’re tired of swiping left. Unlike any other platform, Muze is characterized by our in-depth matching algorithm. Musicians can answer questions about themselves and what they are looking for to help us find the perfect match for them and their music goals!

  • For example, users can link their Spotify account and we’ll find people with similar music tastes.
  • Or users can enter in their availability, so they only find people who are available at the same time!

We take great pride in providing you with the best matches, no matter what. You can check out different criteria we use at our Answering Your Questions article.

No Promoted Content

On Muze you will never see advertisements, sponsored content, or promoted content. As stated before, we take great pride in providing you with the best matches, no matter what. To maintain this integrity, we do not display paid content of any kind anywhere on the site. This is so you can always have full confidence that when Muze makes a recommendation, you can trust that no one paid for it. (This is also why we don’t specify publicly how our matching algorithm works).

You may notice from time to time in our blog or newsletter that we may mention other organizations. We can promise that these recommendations are also based on merit: a shared vision for helping the music industry. None of our partners can pay for our endorsement.

Group Matching

What makes Muze unique from romantic dating apps is that we also match groups to users. So if you already have a band (or started a band with another user on Muze), you can create a band on Muze, create Band Vacancies for the spots you need, and Muze will find the best musicians for your band’s dynamic.


Most musician connection platforms have barriers to entry. This could be invite-only signup. Or limiting the number of people you connect with or message without paying a fee. Or paying to be seen by more people. Or paying to see more people. Or paying to see more talented people.

Unfortunately this exclusive attitude is harming the music industry. It makes people with a lot to give feel as though they need to already be a part of the “in crowd” before they can participate. It encourages widespread feelings of self-doubt.

Every great musician started somewhere. It’s never too early (or too late) to start playing music with others, and there is no shame in being in a different spot in your musical journey than others. On Muze, you will only see people right for you whether you are just starting, a seasoned pro, a hobbyist, or anyone else with a passion for music.

Other Expanding Features

These are just some of what sets us out as the future of music connection and collaboration. Here are some other features that make Muze one of a kind!

  • Promo Codes: Promo Codes are requested through an organization such as a school, club, or other community that wishes to match only with others within that community.
  • Calendars and Social Tools: With Muze, you can manage all of your band members calendars from one location to schedule practices, gigs, recording sessions, and more. You can post from this calendar to promote your upcoming shows as well.
  • Jamming: You don’t need to be looking for a band. Muze can help you find artists to jam or collaborate with for one-time sessions.
  • Future Connections: The mission of Muze is to be a platform for musicians’ connection. There are other opportunities for musicians to get connected that we are currently exploring, like getting connected to gigs, non-musician industry professionals, other bands for sets and tours, and more.

Well what are you waiting for? Signup to this fast-growing platform for artists, bands, songwriters, and venues alike today!

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