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How To Offer a Job for Industry Pros on Muze

Previously on the Muze blog, we outlined how music industry professionals can offer their services to musicians and fellow creatives. But… what can you do if you’re the one offering a job to one of our industry pros?

Muze now allows users to post a job, providing details pertaining to the scope of the project, budget, deadlines, and more. This gives the professionals in our marketplace the information they need before they bid.

Want to walk through it, step by step? We’ve built out a guide for you below!

Step 1: Login to Muze

Click on the Login link in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen, and then enter your login credentials.

Don’t have login credentials yet? Sign up — it’s free!

Step 2: Visit your ‘Jobs’ tab

Need help finding it? It’s right on the left sidebar:

Step 3: Add your job request

Once you’re on the ‘Jobs’ page, click the ‘Created by me’ tab. Then, click the green ‘Add Request’ button that appears.

Step 4: Begin building your job

You’ll start by selecting the category for your job, as well as any applicable subcategories and specific items. Then, you’ll add a few tags (separated by commas), and click ‘Next.’

Step 5: Fill out the details of your job

This section will allow you to fill out general information pertaining to your job. As you click through, you’ll also be prompted to add images and any relevant details, including your budget, the job’s desired completion date, and whether you are accepting remote applicants (versus those in a particular location). Once your details are in order at every step, click ‘Next.’

Step 6: Review details

Once you have reviewed the details of your job and ensured that they are correct, click, “Yes, publish my job.”

Step 7: Share your job

Now it’s time to get some bids! Sharing your job ensures you get the best response possible. Currently you can share your jobs on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.

Step 8: View your job

Your job is now published for all to see.

Other industry professionals will have the opportunity to click the pink “Apply” button to bid for your job or see matching jobs in their Matched Jobs.

Ready to offer jobs to music industry pros? Sign up for Muze, post your job, and have your creative needs fulfilled!

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