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How Can I Connect Spotify To Muze?

Last updated on August 10th, 2023

You can find all of this information in our Getting Started article.

By connecting Spotify, Muze can pull your unique listening tastes and find people with similar tastes as you do. This will update over time as you continue to use your account.

There are two ways that you can Connect your Spotify account:

  1. My Questions:
    The final question on your My Questions page asks Would you like to connect your Spotify account to find musicians with similar tastes? From here, you can press the “Connect” button and you will be redirected to Spotify to approve linking your account. After following the prompts, you will be redirected back to the My Questions page.
  2. Settings:
    Under the Settings menu, click Spotify. From here, you can press follow the same steps as listed above.

You can always disconnect by going to either location and pressing the “Disconnect” button.

Note: while this is used to find people with similar music tastes, this may differ from what you or your match actually enjoy playing. We recommend also adding genres that you like to perform in the What genres do you like to play? question.

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