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Last updated on September 23rd, 2022

Here you can see all the bands that you have created or joined.

List of Bands

On the top section of the page, a list of bands are shown. Clicking on any thumbnail will display the complete details of that band.

Band Details

  • On the top, there are some action buttons related to the band (explained below).
  • Below that, a cover photo of the band is shown. With this cover photo, you can show the personality of your band. Only the “Key Member” (admin) of the band can change the cover photo.
  • Below that it shows the list of members of this band.
  • If you are the Key Member, you will see a box marked as ‘Band Vacancy’ in the member list. This is where you can create vacancies to fill up your band’s lineup. More detail about vacancies is given below.

Band Actions

Edit Band Details

This button is visible only to the key member of the band. Here you can update various details related to the band:

  • Name – name of the band. Default is “New Band”. Required
  • Location – where your band normally operates out of. Optional
  • Bio – a description of your band. Optional
  • Key Member – which member currently has admin rights to create vacancies, edit band details, change art, organize the calendar, and other admin duties. Commonly, though not always, the frontman or frontwoman. Required
  • Band Members – how many band members your band has with a full lineup. Required

Start Chat

Clicking on the Chat button will start a group chat. The group chat includes all the members of the band.

Exit Band

You can click this button to exit the band. You will be prompted to confirm before leaving the band.

Cover Art

With a cover photo, you can show the personality of your band. Only the “Key Member” (admin) of the band can change the cover photo.

Band Vacancy

As a member of the band, if you are looking for a musician with a particular profile, you can look for them on the Matches page and invite them to your band. The second and better option is to create a vacancy for it.

On the Band page, at the end of the Band Members list, you will see a box to ‘Create New Vacancy’. Click on it to start the process of creating a band vacancy.

Next, a few questions will be asked. Answer those questions:

  • How far should we look from {your location} for musicians? – this is a search radius from your band’s location to search for musicians. No musicians outside of your search radius will be shown your Band Vacancy.
  • Which instruments do you want your match to play? – only users who have instruments that you select will be shown this vacancy.
  • What genres does your band play? – select how you would best describe your band’s genre based on the different categories. This will rank you higher with musicians who play the same genres as you do.
  • Do you have a practice space? – this field pulls automatically based on the members of your band.
    • If someone in your band has a practice space, and has it marked in their My Questions page, then you will notice that it is marked “Yes” meaning that your vacancy will be shown equally to musicians who have a place to practice or not.
    • If no one in your band has indicated they have a practice space, then you will rank higher with musicians who do have a place that your band can practice.
  • These are the days of the week that everyone in your band is available to rehearse, perform, or meet up – this field pulls automatically based on the members of your band. We will only show your vacancy to musicians who have at least one day of the week in common to rehearse, perform, or otherwise spend time together. If no one in your band has listed any availability, then your vacancy will be shown to all musicians indiscriminately.

Once complete, click on Save. It will create a band vacancy.

Now, whenever other users will search for matches, your band vacancy will also be shown to them based on whether their profile matches the vacancy requirements. Then can view the vacancy details and send the request to join the vacancy. The request will be visible in the ‘Notifications’ page. You can accept or reject the joining request. If accepted, that user will become a member of your band. At this point, you can keep or delete the vacancy based on whether you are looking for more people to join your band or not.

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