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Last updated on December 17th, 2021

This is the chat section. On this page, you can chat with other users.

Starting Chats

To start a chat, select the Envelope button on the User and Vacancy cards from the Matches page.

History of all past chats can be found on this page on the left sidebar in order of most recent message sent. The default visible chat when opening the Matches page will be the top most chat on the sidebar. You can select other chats on by clicking on the name of the user in the sidebar.

Sending Messages

You can send either text or media messages.

  • To send text messages, type your message in the field that says “What’s playing on your mind?
  • To send media messages, select the Paper Clip button. You will be prompted to either upload a file or select a file from your uploaded Media.

For each message you receive, you will receive an email. You can change this in your Email Preferences Settings.

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