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Creating An Account

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This guide will help you through creating your Muze account. Now let’s get you connected with some musicians!

To start, go to our sign up page.

Fill in the fields to create a new account:

  • First Name: Your first name. This will display on your Dashboard
  • Last Name: Your last name. This does not display on your Dashboard
  • Username: A unique username that people can use to search for your profile. This will display on your Dashboard
  • Email: An email address that we will use to send you important information about your account. You can change your email preferences in Settings after you sign up.
  • Password/Confirm Password: A secure password you will use to login. You can change your password in Settings after you sign up.
  • Referral Code: If some other Muze user has referred you to this website, then you can enter their referral code.
  • Promo Code: With a Promo Code, you can join a particular organization so that you find the matching users from that organization only. For more information on Promo Codes visit Using Promo Codes.
  • Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy: Select this box when you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Next Steps

Congratulations, you have just created your Muze account! You are one step further to finding your Muze with Muze. To get the most out of Muze, consider going through our other Getting Started guides:

  1. Searching For Matches: After signing up, you’ll be directed to the Matches Page. There’s plenty of tools to refine your search here.
  2. Answering Your Questions: After completing your profile and looking for matches, you’ll want to answer some questions so we can better rank your matches.
  3. How To Connect Spotify To Muze: By connecting Spotify, Muze can pull your unique listening tastes and find people with similar tastes as you do.
  4. Using Promo Codes: Promo Codes are requested through an organization such as a school, club, or other community that wishes to match only with others within that community.
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