Muze Musician Finder

Find articles and categories for navigating the Muze’s musician finder service to start bands or jam.

Muze sign up page to create an account

Creating An Account

This guide will help you through creating your Muze account. Now let's get you connected with some musicians!
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Muze app matches page

Searching for Matches

After signing up, you'll be directed to the Matches Page. This article goes over how to use the Matches page.
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Answering Your Questions

After completing your profile and looking for matches, you’ll want to answer some questions so we can better rank your matches.
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DJ Rig In Dark Room In Front Of Live On Campus Light

Using Organization Codes

Organization Codes are requested through an organization such as a school, club, or other community that wishes to match only with others within that community.
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Submitting A Bug

Are you facing any issues while using our platform? There are two ways where you can submit a bug.
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How Can I Connect Spotify To Muze?

By connecting Spotify, Muze can pull your unique listening tastes and find people with similar tastes as you do. This will update over time as you continue to use your account.
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